It honestly pains us to go down the whole AWARDS path.  You’re all winners, dammit!

That’s our fearless leader, Sydney:  “Are we presenting awards just because every other festival on the planet does it?  Are we followers?  Or do AWARDS really MATTER to filmmakers?  Help them open doors with distributors and broadcasters?”  Yes.  Awards are helpful to filmmakers who receive them.

OSCAR® Qualifying Short Films: Click HERE to see past winners.  The Grand Jury Award winners in our Short Film categories – LIVE ACTION and ANIMATION – will be eligible for ACADEMY AWARDS® consideration, without the standard theatrical run, provided the film otherwise complies with the Academy rules. Grand Jury short film award winners eligible to apply to the Academy are notified by SUNDAY, Oct. 11 — deadline to submit to 2021 AMPAS (The Academy) is TUESDAY, Dec. 1, 2020.

Each year our programmers and jurors acknowledge outstanding, independent films — feature, short and documentary — in a variety of categories. Some are tried, true, and traditional — Canadian Feature Film, International Feature, Documentary and Short Film Awards.

Other categories are not so traditional. If a project pops our corn in an unusual way, and jurors/programmers are passionate, we will consider creating an Award for it! Over the years we have presented EIFF love in support of… the BIG DADDY AWARD for Family Film, the WEDGIE AWARD for Comedy, EAT MY SHORT AWARD for Tastiest Food Film, The SNOW! MAN AWARD, well, for a film that featured the cold, white stuff (that falls from the sky, of course), THE BOBBY (Riddell) for Excellence in Cinematography, BRIAN (Hendricks) Award for Innovation, and the LATE NIGHT SQUEAM Award for Outstanding Cringer!

Should the jury and programming teams determine that no film was outstanding in an award category, NO award will be presented.  

So what’s the prize?  SPONSORS, listen up! We would LOVE to give these amazing creators a cheque — which they will likely use to pay down the debt they accumulated to make that movie that just caused you to snort pop through your nose. Until that day arrives, dear filmmaker/s, we ask you to politely accept our undying EIFF affection. And maybe something blingie if we can afford it.