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Stuck at home and running out of things to watch? Us too! We’ve scoured the last ten years of our programs to find you the BEST movies that we’ve screened at EIFF, and where you can find them to stream! Every weekday starting April 7, we’ll be sharing a gem from our history and where you can watch it online! Follow along with us as we take a trip down memory lane, and share your own reviews and thoughts with the #IsolateWithEIFF tag!
What streaming services do I need to follow along with EIFF? We’ll tell you!
Netflix: Your favorite streaming service that you may or may not be paying for, Netflix has a massive catalogue of originals, but also streams lots of hidden gems and classics, some of which we’ve screened ourselves!
Amazon Prime Video: You either got Prime for the shipping and think of the content as a bonus or you got Prime for the content and never bother to overnight yourself any toothpaste. Prime’s catalog of independent films is massive, and they’re hosting a LOT of the films we’ll be highlighting!
Crave: Tried to cancel after Game of Thrones was over but it’s ok, you can admit that you can’t survive without HBO. Crave is a newer player in the film-streaming game, but they’ve got their mitts on some of our favorite recent submissions!
CBC Gem: This blessed piece of Canadiana is a free* streaming service that hosts hundreds of hours of Canadian film and television! You’d be surprised at the outstanding content that you can access, and some of our absolute favorites have a home on CBC Gem. *ad-supported
Tubi: Tubi is another free* streaming service! Tubi only hosts a couple of films we’ll be highlighting, but they also host lots of content! You’ll wade through a lot of unique content, but there are diamonds to be found in the rough of Tubi.
MUBI: For cinephiles or for people who like moderation, MUBI handpicks 30 films a month, or one a day! If you’re watching a film on MUBI, you’re watching some of the most provocative, challenging, engaging, powerful, and artful cinema that you can find online! All in a dosage that’s somewhat manageable. A couple of our all-timers are on here, so be warned if you don’t want to miss out!