2020 Campaign Launch

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Hello and a big WELCOME BACK to all of you, our EIFF audience!

We’ve been hard at work finding the best films and shorts of the year, not an easy task when you consider the year we’ve all been having. 2020 has been the year of weird, the year of challenges, and definitely the year of MOVIES! We’ve been all stuck at home, passing the time by reaching out to what comforts us all in these trying times: the arts. Here at EIFF, we believe strongly in the transformative power of the arts! We knew that this was the year to focus on how movies make us feel, how they help us get through our daily lives, and how they can change us forever! EIFF is pleased to be launching the 2020 campaign, with some spectacular posters designed by our friends at FKA!These posters might feel a little weird to you, certainly different than what you’ve seen from EIFF before! 2020 is full of surprises, horrors, and true ‘WTF’ moments, and these posters are our wonderful way of representing that. So print one out for yourself, change your phone background, or just stare longingly. EIFF 2020 starts October 1, and don’t forget: Strange times call for the world’s best films.